Nina Derwael wins Belgian National Sports Merit Award

Nina Derwal after being crowned as the new uneven bars world champion at Doha, Qatar. (Photo: Alexei Filippov)  

What a year for Nina Derwael. After being the first ever Belgian gymnast to win a gold medal at a world gymnastics championships, less than a week ago, she now became the first gymnast to win the most prestigious sports award for a Belgian athlete, the Belgian National Sports Merit Award. 

The jury said it was a hard choice, because Belgium had a great sporting year in 2018. The jury, therefore, needed some time to decide unanimously for Derwael. "It is always difficult to compare sports," says Joël Smets, multiple world motocross champion and winner of the Trophy for Sports Merit in 2000. "Nina Derwael has confirmed her good results in 2017 and gymnastics is a sport in which careers is short. We did not want to wait until the 2020 Olympic Games to honor her", he also added.

Derwael succeeds David Goffin, who was second at the Masters in London last year. For this prize, Nina overcame good athletes, including 2018 marathon European gold Koen Naert's and Emma Plasschaert, 2018 sail world champion.

Article by Gabriel Lima
Source: HBVL

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