You Betta Train, Gymnast: Labor's Day!

Let's see some gymnasts who work[ed] hard to be an olympic, world or continetal champion. These girls, as you must know, training hard every single day including sundays and holidays! I chose two athletes who I consider the most working hard girls. I know that exist a lot of elite gymnasts who worked hard, gives her best. So, let's go to the list:

 Vanessa Ferrari
Even with her overweight, she stills training and fight for her ex-shape. With her persistence she won last 2013, at World Championships, a Silver Medal on Floor Exercise, proving that she still's alive. One thing I like on her is that she's present in every world cup, every competition - and It doesn't matter for if it's a big or small competition she gives her all.

Aliya Mustafina

Why her? Well, I could take all day long talking why I consider Aliya Mustafina the most working hard girl of the gymnastics world, but I'll brief it an one world: determination! When she broke her knee in 2011, during the Europen Championships, she had all the excuses to stop training: she did a surgery, she stays almost one year without train to recover, and she gained weight. She din't given up: she came back, and she won the 2012 Uneven Bars Olympic Title and the next year - 2013 - she won the gold Medal at Beam's Event Final [World Champs]. That's why I consider her the most effortful girl. 

 I know that exist a lot of elit gymnasts who worked hard,

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