Nagornyy: if I were fourth, I would go to Russia on foot

Nikita Nargony during the AA Final at 2018 Doha World Championships. (Photo:Alexey Filippov)
Russian gymnast Nikita Nagornyy, who won the bronze medal in the all-around at Doha World Championships, admitted that in the case of the fourth place, he would comeback to Russia on foot. Second in qualification, Nargony had a bid mistake on pommel horse what nearly cost him a medal. He and American Sam Mikulak batle for the final spot on the podium, while gold and silver positions were between Russian Arthur Dalaloyan and Xiao Ruoteng at the last rotation. 

Dalaloyan won the the first ever gold medal in the men's individual all-around since 1999 for Russia, posting 87.598 points in the final. Chinese Ruoteng obtain the same score (87.598), but got the silver medal due tiebreaker rules. Nargony finishes in third, after Mikulak's mistake on high bar. About it, he said:

“After falling from high bar for five years, I, thank God, got friendly with it. I went out and knew that I would do it. Sam Mikulak made a mistake and I took advantage of it. If I were fourth, I don’t know what I would do I guess, I would run to Russia on foot. David texted me before the final and told me not to downgrade and to do all my difficulty. And I did it and, perhaps, thanks to it, I’m third. In that sense, he helped me”.

Article by Gabriel Lima
Source: RS Sport

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