Shirai: I did not get used to the equipment until the end

Kenzo wins his fifth medal on floor at a world championships. (Photo: AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)
Japanese Kenzo Shirai, three times world champion on floor, won his fifth medal on this apparatus yesterday at Doha World Gymnastics Championships, Qatar. Kenzo was the silver medalist, after being surpassed by Russian Arthur Dalaloyan with a 0.034 higher score, interrupting his dream of grabbing a third consecutive world title on floor.

Shirai said that he was happy with the medal and that he didn't get used to the equipament until the very last moment. "The color is different from last year, but it was good just to have something hanging up (on my chest). I did not get used to the equipment until the end, it was a miracle that there was not too many mistakes".

At the beginning of these championships, some athletes complained about the apparatus saying it was too hard. The pommel horse had to be changed after the qualifying round, for instane.

Kenzo will be in action today (11/03) in the vault final, apparatus which he captured the bronze medalist at the last Olympic Games.

Article by Gabriel Lima
Source: Sanspo

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